Insect treatment, removal and fumigation in Frome

From bed bug removal to silverfish removal, we offer a range of guaranteed services to our customers.

Property fumigation and treatment for fleas, flies, moths, bedbugs, spiders, weevils, carpet beetles, mites, silverfish, ants and wood boring beetles in Frome.

Moth Removal South West

Moth control in Frome

Through dedication and hard work, we have gained an impeccable reputation among our clients for offering an honest service. The fact that we attract so many customer enquiries regarding fumigation is a testament to the quality of the service we deliver.

Bed Bugs South West

Remove bed bugs in Frome

Frome Pest Fumigation offers quick and efficient bed bug treatment to domestic and commercial clients at reasonable prices. Bed bug infestations are fairly common and can escalate quickly. They are attracted to carbon dioxide given off when you breathe and they will feed on your blood as you sleep.

carpet beetles

Frome carpet beetle treatment

silver fish

Silverfish removal in Frome

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Insect control and fumigation services in Frome